100 Years of History

100 Years of History

Our firm enjoys the oldest continuous lineage of family ownership in our area, beginning with the Horace Link Furniture & Undertaking Company in 1902.

The Link family sold the funeral service portion of their business in 1922 to C. Franklin Morrison. Along with his wife, Ethel, Morrison continued to operate Morrison Morticians from the Link’s former parlor at the corner of Central Avenue and Washington Street, now Bicentennial Art Center. In 1935, the Morrisons designed and built a new facility on East Washington Street, the first structure in Edgar County to be designed and constructed specifically for the purpose of providing funeral service. Frank Morrison passed away in July 1949.

Horace Link Furniture & Undertaking

Morrison Morticians

Forbes-Hutchins Funeral Home


In 1952, L. Ferrell Ward, a former partner in the Cook & Ward Funeral Home purchased the Morrison Chapel. Two years later, Chester P. Sutton moved his family from Blue Island, Illinois to Paris to become a partner in the Ward Funeral Home, and the name was changed to Ward & Sutton. After the sudden passing of Ward in 1963, Chet’s oldest son, King, joined his father in business, and the firm was then called Sutton & Son.

Both Chet and King Sutton remained deeply involved in the Paris community throughout their careers, serving as leaders in many civic organizations as well as their church. The funeral home quickly earned a reputation for hard work, quality of service, and economy. The growing business prompted a desire to give back to the community, and in 1988, the Suttons designed and built the current facility on East Court Street.

In the spring of 2003, Chester P. Sutton Sr. passed away at the age of 91. He is dearly missed. Three years later, after a career of over 40 years of service to the families of Edgar County, King Sutton made the decision to retire. King still keeps in touch, and enjoys spending most of his time traveling, helping others, and spending time with his children and grandchildren. We thank both King and Chet for their example and their encouragement to those around them.

The funeral home in Kansas, Illinois started in a storefront location, now the site of the Kansas Masonic Lodge. The Kansas community was well-served by funeral director William “Bill” Forbes for many years, and later by Hayes Hutchins. Hutchins moved the funeral home to its current location in the historic Juntgen home on Buena Vista Street in 1949. The Suttons purchased the firm in 1968. We are grateful for the deep friendships formed in serving the families of the Kansas area throughout these last fifty years.

W. Peter Templeton joined the Sutton & Son Funeral Home in 1991 at the age of sixteen. What started as a summer job developed over the years into a lifelong calling. Pete earned his funeral director’s license in 1996.

Pete Templeton purchased both funeral homes at King’s retirement, after fifteen years of working with the Suttons. The funeral homes became known as Templeton Funeral Homes.

Though names and faces have changed throughout the last century, our reputation for honesty and sincerity remains the same. We consider it a blessing to be of service to those around us, and we thank God for the opportunity to be a comfort to those we serve.

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